South African Business Platform Introduces Community Business Token

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4 min readJan 11, 2021

The most affordable business service in South Africa, DigitalFlyer® has introduced the Community Business Token (CBT) as its cryptocurrency.

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA, November 6, 2020 / — The token was introduced to expand its comprehensive digital platform. Presently, users of DigitalFlyer® can expand their existing businesses by minimizing expenses and maximising profits as CBT holders. With the introduction of CBT, DigitalFlyer® is bridging the gap between small to medium enterprises and the entire crypto community and its CBT’s initial coin offering (ICO) is the start of a community-based cryptocurrency.

CBT provides a transparent and stable trading platform to the benefit of both the service or product provider and the customer. The token also allows business platforms to complete online transactions at a minimal fee by cutting out third party expenses and by charging no extra monthly subscription fees. CBT powers every business service platform it is introduced in and will be funded, maintained and updated by the business service. Therefore, every one-man business, small to medium enterprise and start-up will have a great experience.

CBT’s ICO was launched on the 1st of March 2020 and will run for 12 months up until the 28th of February 2021. During this period, CBTs will be made available to public participants who will capitalise as CBT gains traction. Once CBT’s ICO goals are reached, it will be launched on various exchanges and its coin will be taken to international markets.

Community Business Token’s initial coin offering offers five packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP and Elite) and the ICO CBT rate is calculated at a value of $0.003 per CBT. Below is a list of all CBT’s packages offered;

Bronze package: $50 worth of CBTs.

Silver package: $100 worth of CBTs.

Gold package: $200 worth of CBTs.

VIP package: $500 worth of CBTs.

Elite package: $1000 worth of CBTs.

Speaking of the value of CBT, as the number of investors, business members and users listed on the DigitalFlyer® platform increases, so will the value of the CBT. The increase in CBT acquisition and exchange generates the production and eventual allocation of cash bonuses and incentives.

Users who also partake in CBT’s ICO will receive bonuses during these 12 months. The bonus will be in the form of additional CBT’s allocated to the client’s Backoffice and the amount will depend on the date at which the initial purchase was made (stage).

These stages are grouped into four; March — May, June — August, September — November and December — February. Each with its bonus. Therefore, users who buy CBT during the first stage get a 25% bonus, 15% bonus for the second stage, 7.5% bonus for the third stage and 3% bonus for the last stage.

On top of its incentive bonuses, users can also earn CBT’s through its referral program and the referral bonuses will also be calculated based on the level at which the last ICO package was purchased. For example, if you purchase a bronze plan (CBT worth $50), you get a 7.5% bonus of CBT because we are in the third ICO stage and you will earn referral incentives up to 3 times, when the same referral upgrades or purchases more packages.

This is a rare opportunity for you to become part of a business and profit driven digital marketplace. You generate returns by investing in CBT’s project on DigitalFlyer® . You can partake of this opportunity and register to participate in CBT’s ICO project. Newly registered CBT members will also receive free 100 CBTs and existing users are urged to keep their accounts active as smart contract and airdrop development is almost done.

CBT’s vision and focus are to allow any type of community business, enter the digital era of doing business while funding community projects for upliftment and upskilling. Its funding is mostly earmarked for various community projects including children schooling, community support, community health and entrepreneurial skilling.

As an extension of a growing platform in DigitalFlyer® , CBT is not a future planned concept but a living and growing community infrastructure. Therefore, CBT introduction can be seen as a wealth-creating opportunity.

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About CBT: CBT provides a transparent and stable trading platform to the benefit of both the service and product providers and their customers. DigitalFlyer® , along with CBT, is more than just a business listing or marketplace: It is funded, updated and maintained by the business community and our business members. It is anticipated that every one-man business, small to medium enterprise, and start-up will be using DigitalFlyer® and it’s digital trading and business service platform, powered by CBT.

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