Simple Software Solutions Debuts Blockchain-Based Cloud Storage

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2 min readJan 2, 2021

Simple Software Solutions is offering a decentralized cloud storage service through their proprietary cryptocurrency.

NEW YORK, USA, August 15, 2020 / — Simple Software Solutions has announced a service ecosystem that focuses on removing the barrier between the cryptocurrency world and end users. These services seek to ensure wide adoption by providing valuable blockchain-related solutions and services that can be easily utilized by ordinary consumers and investors. SSSolutions explores the potentials of blockchain technology which are security, scalability, decentralization, and interoperability.

The service seeks to solve the problems associated with centralized cloud storage.. The probability of data manipulation, loss, or mishandling is very high with centralized points of control. The big data industry continues to witness fast and continuous growth, and data protection is becoming a priority. Simple Software Solutions leverages the sophistication of blockchain technology to solve problems associated with traditional cloud services. The company aims to create a free and tamper-proof atmosphere for secure data. The ecosystem focuses on designing and building enterprise products that are simple and secure.

The company is developing Simple Drive or SDrive. SDrive is Decentralized Blockchain Cloud Storage that works as a user participation network built on Hyperledger Fabric. SSS Coins are used as collateral for an incentivized SSS Storage Node. Hosting these nodes gives users MN payments and SSS Coins for the storage they provide to the network.

In addition to SDrive, Simple Software Solutions has created Simple Cloud. Simple Cloud is a private cloud storage that allows users to store files securely without any security risk or threat. Simple Cloud storage infrastructure consists of policies, technologies, and controls that will always ensure that user data, apps, and systems are always protected from any potential threats.

SSS Coins are the cryptocurrency token of the Simple Software Solutions ecosystem. They are used for rewarding participating nodes who contribute their idle storage. There will be a total supply of 14 million SSS Coins in the asset lifetime. Its uses include: Paying for storage spaces at fees much lower than traditional cloud services, rewarding network participation, and staking to keep the network healthy.

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About Simple Software Solution: SSSolutions is a software company with a renowned team of developers that focuses on designing and building enterprise ready products that are secure and simple. The products enable the transfer of value across an accessible and standardized ecosystem that is secure, flexible, and scalable. They provide blockchain related solutions and services that have real value, are easily understood, and are easily utilized by ordinary consumers and investors.

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