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Revolutionizing collectibles — One mint at a time

LISBON, PORTUGAL, January 27, 2021 / — Phantasma has announced its exciting new partnership with the world’s first fully immersive digital collectible ecosystem, Terra Virtua, on Twitter. This partnership promises to bring a seamless NFT minting experience powered by Phantasma to current and future users of the Terra Virtua ecosystem, which is great news for Phantasma’s market-leading Smart NFT technology.

The platform’s mainnet was launched in October 2019 and boasts of having one of the best technical solutions for non-fungible tokens — Phantasma smart NFT technology. Contrary to many legacy platforms, Phantasma’s Smart NFT technology is built into the core of the blockchain. Being native to the platform allows for a vast expansion and augmentation of functionality compared to attempts to add new functionality to legacy platforms.

An NFT is a unique digital asset that cannot be changed, replaced, or counterfeited. Phantasma’s Smart NFT information is stored on the blockchain in the form of ROM and RAM, where the ROM contains immutable core characteristics that are unchangeable by the NFT owner, whereas the RAM contains information that can be changed by the owner of the token (such as the name of a character in a game).

Phantasma is supremely well suited as a gaming platform, bridging blockchain and mainstream gaming through the Steam connected game hub Pavillion combined with Smart NFTs. Mint on-demand (mint in real-time), Multi-Layer NFTs, Steam bridge, NFT Marketplace, Free Minting by staking SOUL, Multiple Blockchain SDKs (Unity, C#, C++), Ethereum NFT swaps and Esports.

Whereas some blockchains add support for NFTs on top of the existing architecture, Phantasma has been built with this particular asset class in mind. This means that both basic and advanced NFT functionality (minting, batch minting, sending, batch sending, nesting, multi infusion of assets and more) can be used without having to program this into each smart contract, making NFT related smart contract programming on Phantasma more developer-friendly.

Phantasma offers on-demand NFT minting for developers and partners for mere fractions of a cent, providing the most affordable NFT minting solution to date. Combined with immutable NFT metadata, stored in Phantasma’s own built-in decentralized storage solution, collectors can sleep well knowing that no third party can ever make changes to their precious digital collectibles.

Terra Virtua aims to integrate Phantasma Smart NFT technology to bring a friction free NFT minting experience to Terra Virtua and their users, at the same time increasing the user base of the Phantasma ecosystem including the game-changing NFT self minting console uMint.

Phantasma is supremely well suited not just for the scarce, limited edition collectibles, but also for unlimited fan merchandise. Nested NFTs allowing for bundled collectible sales break new ground, and infusion of multiple fungible assets and NFTs into a single NFT ensures the value of your Smart NFT. Near zero costs combined with ease of use for partners and developers alike ensures Phantasma’s position as a leading solution provider in the NFT space.

This exciting partnership promises to bring huge benefits for mainstream customers and collectors. Therefore, every curious gamer and developer is invited to embrace the future of collectibles and join the Phantasma ecosystem as they — together with Terra Virtua revolutionize the digital collectibles market.

To stay up to date and learn more info about Phantasma, follow their official social media accounts below.

About Phantasma: Phantasma is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain solution powered by the governance token SOUL and the energy token KCAL that allows for interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining a decentralized governance system.

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