PayPDM: Moving the Financial Market to Blockchain for Transparency and Improved Efficiency

PayPDM is a platform that brings transparency, credibility and speed to traditional financing with the use of blockchain technology.

NEW YORK, USA, October 31, 2020 / —
There are different ways to create wealth from the financial market. Especially the cryptocurrency market, but as lucrative as the market is, it is also quite easy to lose all of your money within a short period of time. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market is especially a major concern for investors. Also, the large and ever-growing number of cryptocurrency assets is also a source of confusion for the investors.

PayPDM creates a financial ecosystem to help investors mitigate the risks and confusions that accompany financial market investment, especially cryptocurrency investment. Harnessing the power of Blockchain, PayPDM is decentralized, and all transactions are carried out on the Blockchain to ensure the transparency and reliability of the platform.

PayPDM already created a software for the financial market, the PayPDM FinTrade. FinTrade is a platform that leverages trading on foreign exchange, cryptocurrency and crypto assets diversification, to generate revenue for the firm and the users. PayPDM is not limited to financial market trading, but also generates revenue from other aspects of financing such as lending, investing, gamings and real estate.

The PayPDM ecosystem is powered by PayPDM (PYD) coin, a token based on the ERC20 protocol on Ethereum Blockchain. It serves as the means for financial tradings, crypto private lending, crypto funding for other blockchain-based projects, service fee on PayPDM platform, deposit and withdrawal options. Users can also generate income by leveraging the volatility of the cryptocurrency market to trade PayPDM Coin on crypto exchanges.

The core goal of PayPDM is to create a financial ecosystem that is easy-to-use, credible, transparent and lucrative for its community by leveraging blockchain technology. To also serve as a platform where users can carry out all aspects of their financing in one place, without the need for using multiple cumbersome platforms.

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About PayPDM: PayPDM is a platform that creates a financial ecosystem where users can invest and do minimal work and input that yield revenue maximally, by enabling all forms of traditional financing of blockchain. PayPDM offers services in investing, lending, gaming, real estate, and alternatives to traditional fiat currency banking.


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