Nydronia: Cryptocurrency Backed by Commodities and Mass Usage

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Nydronia encourages the use of blockchain networks in companies.

NEW YORK, USA, March 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nydronia is a platform with a token built on the ERC-20 network; it connects the real world to the virtual world with enormous benefits for users. These profits are certain as the token readily increases in value due to companies’ tokenization and its sale of products.

Nydronia promotes the tokenization of companies or productive institutions and use of blockchain networks in conjunction with robotics to optimize them, the use case is the use in all transactions of institutions funded by nydronia or as a second option as an agreement with a nydronia use company. We want funds to build productive institutions that make products and everything is tokenized, as a second option agreements with companies for the use of Nydronia and sell their token in a % in Nydronia. The use case will be in these institutions that will daily use Nydronia for any transaction.

NIA is a visionary token with a lot of unique characteristics. With Nydronia, you can expect transparency, decentralization, confidence with proof of existence and ownership.

The platform offers low-cost and quality products to all parties. These products will support the NIA token, and Nydronia will give discounts to owners of the token. The products — Nydro-linea are real assets like food, alcohol, and even cleaning products.

These products include:

- Nicaron: rum made from sugar cane, yeast, cocoa, and a unique blend of extract from a combination of barrels and a secret ingredient.

- Nidro Pan: precooked corn-based flour for tamales, cachapas, and arepas.

- Maria Emperatriz: quality rice.

- Don Fermin Calderon: 100% refined sugar.

- Tomasa: 100% of Venezuelan cocoa, which adds a special flavor to the food line.

With the NIA token, the platform is looking to help many investors, merchants, consumers, producers, and entrepreneurs.

Presently, the NIA token is listed on Latoken and, most recently, XT after releasing a statement of the listing on Twitter. However, the platform is making plans to launch a new token on Binance Smart Chain network (BSC) next month. The new token — Nydro, will have an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on ChainX Exchange in partnership with Icopantera. What’s more, after the IEO is completed, Nydro will be listed on the MXC exchange.

Trading with fiat currencies has proved difficult to track in recent times due to cross-border rules and regulations. Aside from difficulties in monitoring proceedings, fiat or paper currency trading is very slow, complicated, and expensive. Therefore, scams during this type of trading are inevitable.

However, Nydronia has made things easier by investing in blockchain and creating quality products available to the public which can be purchased via the NIA token. The platform is currently planning to expand to several countries, gathering new product partners in the process.

You can purchase and trade NIA tokens on the exchanges mentioned above. It can be used by everyone in any place, time, or circumstance. With a good store of value, the NIA token will offer many solutions and profits for blockchain enthusiasts.

To stay up to date and learn more about Nydronia, follow their official social media accounts below.

About Nydronia: Nydronia is a cryptocurrency token built on the ERC-20 network, backed by products that will be created by the union of the founders with companies, producers, and industries whose unit will have as application the application of blockchain networks and robotization, optimizing from the smallest to the most complex of the entity. Obtaining as a result lower cost and higher quality products; to then be sold to merchants in any type of cryptocurrency, but highlighting the discount for the purchase of products with our token, thus obtaining indirect beneficiary support for producers, entrepreneurs, merchants, and the general public.

Website: http://nydronia.com

Telegram: https://t.me/nydronia

Twitter: http://twitter.com/nydronia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nydronia

Medium: https://medium.com/@nydroniaupthesaturn

Github: https://github.com/Nydronia-Token/Token

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