Community Based Token (CBT): DigitalFlyer® Sets Up A Digital Currency For Business Communities

South Africa`s B2B and B2C marketing platform, DigitalFlyer® creates a digital currency to support business communities.

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA, August 27, 2020 / — We at DigitalFlyer®, a South African business (B2B and B2C) marketing platform for small and medium businesses have through the platform started Community Based Token (CBT), a cryptocurrency to provide a transparent and stable trading platform. With the CBT up, there is an ongoing phase 2 of initial coin offering ending in 7 days.

We as DigitalFlyer® operate in the digital marketing space. And we seek to tap into over 3.5 billion users who have access to smart devices. Businesses are starting to make profits, and efforts and time should be channelled into business generating activities; not on administrative work. DigitalFlyer® helps free up time for business owners so that they can focus on their health, wealth and happiness. Besides, it connects those looking for a service and those providing it lightening up the administration and marketing load.

We only charge R1,200 ($70) per year for the cheapest package, and the membership fee is multiplied through business connections. Some of the services we render to businesses include:

· Business and Marketing
· Full eCommerce
· Events management
· Appointment booking
· Customer relations management
· Email marketing

We have set CBT to bridge the gap between small to medium enterprises through its use on the DigitalFlyer® platform. It will be available as a tradable coin for goods and services on the DigitalFlyer® network allowing customers and service providers to use their preferred payment methods, be it electronic, cash or cryptocurrency. Additionally, CBT and the DigitalFlyer® platform will enable businesses to engage in business transactions at nominal fees with no third party charges and extra subscription fees. CBT will be powering the DigitalFlyer® platform and the digital trading and business service platform. Registered CBT business members will have their secured BackOffice with 2-factor authentication enabled. And it will provide members with the options of:

· Keeping their personal information updated.
· Tracking their referrals.
· Purchasing CBT packages
· Tracking the growth of their CBT and cash pay-outs
· Staying up-to-date with the latest press releases and updates.

CBT’s ICO is on a 12-month cycle. Currently, it is on Sale 2 and in which we invite the public event for succeeding sales to capitalise as CBT gains traction. We continue to link the ever-growing and powerful platform to the cryptocurrency which will be due for listing in exchanges in the final phase of the ICO. We expect CBT to be listed on major crypto exchanges and to grow from $0.003 during the ICO to $0.01 at launch. And it is likely to happen mid-2021 with an expected growth of 300% in its first year of existence.

Returns will be accrued when you invest in your very own business provider. In simple terms, “conducting business on DigitalFlyer®”.

To stay up to date with news about CBT, please subscribe to the official CBT telegram channel.

About CBT: CBT is DigitalFlyer®’s blockchain-based and decentralised digital currency that seeks to connect businesses and customers on its platform and have a transparent and stable platform that aims to tap into the 3.5 billion people who have access to smart devices.



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