Brilliant Move by DAPS Coin: Launching a Simple, Fast and Gorgeous Wallet

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NEW YORK, USA, September 24, 2020 / — DAPS Coin, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, in its bid to provide secure and private transactions, deployed a web wallet that’s mobile friendly to enable all users to interact with DAPS Coin without the need for using a full node.

DAPS is a blockchain built to focus on total privacy of digital transactions. With state-of-the-art technology, DAPS ensures security, scalability, and privacy of the blockchain.

The web wallet boasts the same transactional privacy as the desktop wallet. DAPS web wallet is a non-custodial wallet and as such your private spend key never leaves your browser, thus ensuring the security of your coins. This web wallet is free to use and getting started is really easy which is a big advantage in the complex world of crypto.

Another point to highlight is that — in general — wallets are designed by developers for developers. The end user is usually left with a confusing or non-intuitive interface that they must navigate in order to make use of the wallet. This often leaves the user in the position of “it ain’t pretty, but it works”.

DAPS is changing this approach with their new web wallet.

The new web wallet is designed for ease-of-use and was conceived using an end-user first approach that means that anyone — even non technical folk — can easily use, understand and navigate it without any confusion as to what does what or where to next.

The web wallet has an amazing interface with a sleek, user friendly design . It is anything but difficult to utilize. It also provides the least expensive fees when contrasted with different wallets like Monero and DASH. You can save considerable time as the web wallet does not need to sync the full DAPS blockchain unlike a desktop wallet. It also allows you to access your funds anywhere from any desktop or mobile web browser.

It’s worth noting that web wallets cannot stake as they cannot contribute to the DAPS network, therefore they cannot receive staking rewards. Staking is only available on the full node desktop wallets or through a staking pool provider. However, these rewards will be seen in the web wallet as incoming transactions.

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About DAPS Coin: DAPS Coin is a cryptocurrency with security and privacy as its core values. DAPS Coin is building a financial ecosystem where users are their own banks, giving all financial control to individuals.The Proof-of-Audit is DAPS’s answer to the “Trust Problem” and a keystone to the DAPS protocol. Unlike other public cryptocurrency projects, DAPS believes in the core principles that “privacy is a right, not a privilege

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